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Welcome to Office4Hire

Hiring us can save substantial dollars for a business owner. We have flexible hours and can complete projects during non-standard times. You only pay for the hours you need and minimum commitment is required. Welcome to our company!


Our Team

Our team has an extensive background and a comprehensive range of administrative services. We are small enough to provide specialized, catered assistance based on the specific needs of your business. We are passionate about serving our clients, tenacious in our work, and compassionate with people.

Stacy Strain

President of Office4Hire, LLC

Stacy Strain is the President of Office4Hire, LLC. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration with focus in Management from Kennesaw State University. She has over eighteen years of administrative experience in a variety of fields, eight (8) years of experience in Residential Property Management, four (4) years in Marketing & Sales, and three (3) years in the Human Resources and the Staffing industry. Stacy has completed the GA Real Estate License course.

Yvette Windham

Abstractor & Administrative Consultant

Yvette Windham has sixteen (16) years of experience as an Elder Law Paralegal in Kansas. Yvette currently works as Office4Hire’s Lease Abstractor & Administrative Consultant since 2012.

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